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New Physician Joining! We are very excited to announce that a new physicians will be joining the Gateway team at our south location!!! Dr. Esmaeil Akbarnezhad and Dr. Mahmoud Abdo. Dr. Akbarnezhad has joining the team in April and Dr. Abdo will be joining soon from June 26th onwards. Please call the clinic to find …

We are excited to announce that online booking is now available for many of our practitioners at Gateway!! Please access this by  Clicking Here! We will continue to develop and expand this offering over the next few weeks.

We would like to request all patients visiting our South Clinic to only park in designated Gateway Alliance Medical Clinic parking spaces, or on the road parking spaces on 29th Avenue. Please avoid parking in spaces designated for SVP, Edward Jones, etc or within the Lee's Chop Suey restaurant parking lot.

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