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Physician Services

An essential component of our collaborative care model is centered on patient education. Gateway Alliance Medical is proud to offer educational sessions in collaboration with the pharmacy team at Gordon Road Pharmacy. Our educational sessions are designed to empower patients to learn more about their disease and assist in helping the patient create a management plan. Our educational sessions include the following topics:

Hypertension – Designed to help patients understand the components of hypertension and provide strategies to manage the disease.

Respiratory Disease – Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Patients will gain a better understanding of the pathophysiology of their disease and participate in a pulmonary function assessment to ensure optimal treatment.

Diabetes – Patients learn more about diabetes and the complications commonly associated with the disease. Strategies for managing diet, lifestyle and medications are discussed in consultation with a Certified Diabetes Educator as well as a Certified Fitness and Nutrition Consultant.

Men’s Health – Patients work with their physician to learn more about common urological conditions affecting men.

Musculoskeletal Clinics – Patients with musculoskeletal issues work together with the MSK healthcare team to assess the patient and develop a treatment plan.

Minor Surgical Procedures – Removal of moles, certain skin cancers, lumps, etc.
Liquid Nitrogen available for treatment of warts: only at our South Location.


Dr. Esmaeil Akbarnezhad

Dr. Esmaeil Akbarnezhad is a dedicated physician, graduated from Tehran University of Medical Services. He has over 25 years of experience in family medicine and urology in Iran and 14 months of Family practice in the rural area of Esterhazy, Saskatchewan. he has been a well known health provider in...

Dr. Marjorie Carandang

New Team Member! – Dr. Marjorie Carandang We are excited to announce the joining of a new team member – Dr. Dr. Marjorie Carandang from February, 2024! She is a Graduate of Doctor of Medicine from Philippines. She has worked for 7 years as General Practitioner in a community hospital...

Dr. Amir Ghomeshi

I am glad to cater to walk in patients and am committed to providing patients with the best care I can offer.

Dr. Pendar Ansar

I am glad to cater to walk in patients, and am committed to providing patients with the best care I can offer.

Dr. Mahnaz Ghomeshi

Dr. Ghomeshi graduated from Tehran Azad University, one of the top medical schools in Iran which has a strong foundation in clinical setting, with almost 16 years experience in Family and emergency medicine. She provides a high quality comprehensive medical service for individuals and family members, with primary interests in...

Dr. Parastoo Ghanbari

I am a highly motivated, dedicated, clinically competent general practitioner with a diverse range of experience, caring for patients from a range of cultural backgrounds in Iran, Canada and the United states.Since my graduation in Iran in 2010,I have been involved in independent practice as a family/ emergency doctor in Iran,...

Dr. Naderafshar Fereydonyan

 Dr. Fereydonyan graduated from Tehran University of Medical Science, one of the most prestigious medical schools in the middle east. He has had extensive experience in practicing medicine as a general practitioner for almost two decades prior to moving to Canada in 2019. Additionally, he has training in neurosurgery and...

Dr. Ian Cowan

Dr. Cowan is a Canadian trained family physician, having lived in all four western provinces for part of my life. I am very familiar with the Canadian Prairies, and the cold winter although not enjoyable hasn’t chased me away yet, nor will it. In many respects, he considers himself a...

Dr. Jamshid Khak

I would be honored to be your family physician, and am committed to providing patients with the best care I can offer. My hope is that we form a partnership to keep you healthy for the long term, no matter what your current state of health. I welcome patients of...
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Gateway is proud to provide holistic family care to patient’s of all ages.

Our team of qualified professionals take pride in providing the highest care during every patient  visit.

At the heart of everything we do is the provision of long term quality care, that helps patient’s achieve their health goals.

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