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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our Clinical Exercise Physiologists offer in house 1-on-1 and supervised group exercise sessions that follow ACSM, AACVPR, and CACPR cardiac rehabilitation guidelines. We are proudly recognized by the Lung Association of Saskatchewan as one of Saskatchewan’s chronic disease management and rehabilitation programs, as we integrate exercise, nutrition, and education with your primary care team to reduce symptom burden and increase quality of life after a cardiac event.

We offer in clinic, virtual, and at home programs lasting between 8 and 12 weeks in clinic, and transfer into a maintenance phase in which you may follow up after your quarterly reviews thereafter. We also include education, nutrition consultations and diet plans in our program. We also have on-site pharmacists at both North and South Gateway Alliance Medical locations for pharmacy support and medication education with full on-site SAIL certified home oxygen testing for all continuous and exertional oxygen testing needs.

Gateway is proud to provide holistic family care to patient’s of all ages.

Our team of qualified professionals take pride in providing the highest care during every patient  visit.

At the heart of everything we do is the provision of long term quality care, that helps patient’s achieve their health goals.

Questions or Feedback? Send us your Message below

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